Mount Seaview Natural Spring Water

Mount Seaview Natural Spring Water

is a natural mineral spring water becoming well known for its excellent quality and taste.

Keeping our bodies well hydrated is a basic component of a healthy lifestyle. Water balance is maintained by thirst and urination. There is a great deal of evidence that "hard waters " (containing Calcium & Magnesium) are healthier than the "soft waters" (those lacking minerals). Minerals are composed of electrolytes ( anions and cations ) including chloride, bicarbonate, phosphorous, sulphur, organic acids and proteins, sodium, magnesium, calcuim, potassium. Calcium is essential to growing teeth and bones, magnesium plays an important role in the regulation of the body, phosporous is required to enable the absorption of other minerals and for assisting normal brain activity. Many other trace elements are required to ensure the efficient functioning of the body.

Mount Seaview Mineral Water Minerals in your Water!

Is calcium in drinking water more bioavailable than calcium in food? The heart protecting factor in hard drinking water is believed to be primarily magnesium. Mount Seaview Natural Spring Water is a bottled mineral springwater obtained from an underground naturally occurring spring. Prior to bottling the water proceeds through stages of ozonation and filtration. A process that does not remove the minerals or electrolytes contained within. Australian bottled mineral water is regulated by the Australian Food Standards Code 1997 (ANZFA) 5. FSC O8 - Mineral Waters defines the Maximum amounts for various elements / minerals and define processing options prior to bottling.

A "mineral / spring water refers to a groundwater obtained from sub-terranean water bearing strata that in its natural state contains soluble matter"2 Ozonation, is a recommended process & combined with filtration, is a proven method for the killing & removal of any bacteria that may be contained in the water. An effective method to ensure safe drinking water. Conductivity measures the ability of an electric current to pass through a medium (ie: water). Pure water is a poor conductor of electricity - due to its lack of minerals. Mineral water is a good conductor - due to the fact that it contains these electrolytes. Passing an electric current through mineral water separates these minerals from solution & results in a colour change of the water. This cannot indicate that the water contains contaminates. Laboratory Testing provides the answer to the mineral content & bacterial presence or absence in a water. Hence, is the only proven method to determine water quality. Mount Seaview Springwater is continually tested to ensure the quality of the product.

Bottled Water: Is the choice clear or cloudy?

The increase in the popularity of bottled water can be attributed to the interplay of a number of factors: Taste, colour, and odour problems. Some people turn to bottled water because their tap water has a sulphur odour or a chlorine taste. All bottled waters should obviously undergo a filtration or "purification" process of a recommended type. When you compare the labels of different bottled waters, you are likely to be confused by the terms used to describe different types of water. What follows is a brief analysis.

Still water: Still water is water without the "fizz" caused by gas bubbles.
Ordinary tap water and bottled water found in larger containers are examples of still water. Bottled still water is probably the type of water most often used to replace tap water.

Sparkling water: Sparkling water is carbonated (fizzy) water that is usually created by carbon dioxide gas. Water that comes from a natural source and is mechanically carbonated, it is called sparkling natural water

Mineral water: Mineral water is a water that contains dissolved minerals and may be either sparkling or still. Natural mineral water is water from a natural source that has naturally occurring minerals in it. The mineral content has not been changed prior to bottling but any harmful agents are removed. Thus keeping the beneficial minerals.

Distilled / De-mineralised water: Distilled or de-mineralised water is usually tap water that has been treated to remove nearly all minerals and sodium that occur naturally in water. This makes distilled water taste flat.

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Decisions, Decisions

So, how do you decide whether you should try bottled water or stay with tap water? If your water supply does not have a contamination problem, the decision boils down to personal taste. Many people feel they can afford the switch to bottled water even if their concerns about tap water are not health-based. For instance, if people don't like the taste or odour of chlorine, they can choose bottled water that is treated with tasteless, odourless ozone. Mount Seaview Natural Spring Water is natural mineral water bottled from an underground spring in Hastings Valley.

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